We at Apogee realize that projects start around the conference room table before they get to the drawing table. One of the tough parts of getting from the conference room table to the drawing table is the information gathering and getting everyone on the same page. This includes end-users, architects, building owners, engineers, designers, etc. We work to keep all parties on top of your project, saving time and keeping the process moving forward. Our staff can visualize the end product and is able to keep your project on track.


This is a crucial point in the life of any project and Apogee has earned a stellar reputation for pre-construction management. We assist in development of construction documents, limiting likely extra costs during construction. We evaluate potential contractors and the subcontractors who will work on the project. Apogee discusses with the client constructibility and pitfalls that may be encountered. We also bring in experts to fill gaps in areas of IT, green buildings, security systems, etc. to ensure the best outcome. Apogee assesses value engineering options to keep the client’s vision a reality leaving nothing on the cutting room floor. 


Apogee works very closely with the construction team to ensure the client’s goals are met. We motivate the whole team to produce their best work and achieve the highest quality for the client and end-user. Apogee creates a line of communication and documents that keeps all team members informed. Also very important during the construction process is quality and safety awareness. We have zero-tolerance for mistakes in these areas. We are fully versed in safety procedures in the field, and lunch box talks are checked. Our project managers keep in constant contact with contractors and vendors for the most up-to-date information concerning your project and will issue weekly and monthly progress reports including AIA payment requisitions, change order reviews, schedule evaluations, weekly meeting minutes, timeline photos, and more.


Apogee is familiar with TCOs, COs and DOH inspections. We issue contractor paperwork to be prepared before the project ends. Walkthroughs are held prior to actual inspections to ensure approvals and make sure your move-in date is on track. Also, Apogee’s project managers are gathering the proper documents from contractors so you have accurate documents of what was built, warranties, and operation manuals. We track punch list completion and permit sign-off.